Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I'm still here - just

Well blimey moses where has the flippin time gone?  The last month has passed in a blur of plaster dust and muck from the new kitchen. ( All units fitted, appliances in and just painting and tiling left. I said it would be Christmas before it would be finished)  And not one but two doses of flu.  I never did do things by halves.  One dose started about 3 weeks ago.  Sore throat, hacking cough, well you know how it is, but this particular strain is not satisfied with just one visitation, oh no.  Feeling on the mend for a few days and back to normal - well normalish when wallop the ruddy thing turns up for an encore.

On a brighter note Mother's recovery continues apace.  When we went up to Colchester for BIL's funeral we left her up with my sister for a bit of R and R.  She's been back down in Devon for a fortnight and she is really doing well.  So well in fact that this morning she took herself off in a taxi and did her own shopping.  I'm well impreseed and hope that I'll bounce back as well when I hit 87!!

I'm currently struggling with paint charts and tiles.  I do love duck egg blue especially in a kitchen but the room faces due north and gets very little sun. It's a largish room with two big windows but it's never sunny.  So do I go for duck egg walls and cream tiles and woodwork, or the other way round to inject a bit of warmth.  Watch this space.


  1. Yuk to the flu bugs - you have my full sympathy. Duck egg blue doesn't have to be cold - and cream is a warm colour too.

    Look forward to seeing the pix

  2. Best wishes to you and your family, Toady.

    I so know what you mean about how time is speeding faster and faster.

    Like Zoe, I agree about the possibilities of duck egg blue. I just love the color and think it would be grand to see it in a room every day.


  3. You've chosen my favourite colour, duck egg blue. I dont think it has to look cold, depends on the paint you use, they will all have a slightly different look. Try some out first.
    If you have a lovely 'Cornish cream' colour with it it will look gorgeous.

  4. Hi Toady,

    Sorry to hear about that nasty flu bug, hope you are feeling better.

    Love the colour of duck egg blue, and it goes so well with the colour cream. I think the choice you like of duck egg walls with cream tiles will look lovely.