Sunday, 16 October 2011

Bad Moon Rising

Some people seem to be energised by the moon's phases and others report disturbed sleep and restlessness during the full moon.  And see here even Blogger appears to be having and odd time.

It has not been a good few weeks.  Mother was eventually kept in hospital for three weeks.  The shock of the fall took it's toll and she was very shakey for the first two and then, in her usual manner rallied quickly and was sent home after the third.  She continues to improve and is now seeing to most things for herself  except for her cooking and cleaning.

During her stay I had to conceal from her the seriousness of my BIL's  illness so as not to jeopardise her recovery. Sadly  he didn't make it and died last Friday.  Bloody cancer.

I also had a birthday in the midst of all this chaos - just seemed to pass by.

I sometime wish  that I could explain away all these bad things that seem to be engulfing  not only my family but also lots of friends.  The gods, moon, spirits, whatever, are not happy.